February 2016

UpdatedMonday December 5, 2016 byDerek Thibeault.

Meeting Notes
Present: Derek Thibeault, Ken Kozyra, Bob Bourgeois, Tom Addonizio,
Scott Lobdell, Todd Holbrook, Gary Smith
Absent: Jay Foss, Ashley McLuin, Jason Novak
Call to Order 7:00pm by Derek
I. Finance update
A. Registration and sponsorship is continuing to bring in added revenue.
B. League’s insurance liability, charter membership, and state dues have been
paid for 2016 season.
II. Registration
A. We are currently at 300 + players and growing.
B. Coaching staff is good for the lower level leagues.
C. Early bird registration was successful.
III. Fundraising
A. League will work on contacting all of our website sponsors for renewals in
the upcoming weeks.
B. League is continuing to look for sponsorships from companies or
individuals who are interested. You can contact Todd Holbrook for more
IV. Purchasing
A. Bid requests have been sent out, received, and are in the process of being
returned and reviewed.
B. League voted on replacing trophies for monogrammed baseballs. This is
for the lower levels only.
V. Coach/player Development
A. Looking to hold coaching clinic at NSA in conjunction with uniform
distribution in March.
B. Pitchers/Catchers clinic to be held again this year. Date(s) and time(s) to
be determined.
C. Exploring the possibility of a hitting clinic during the season for all
VI. President’s Update
A. There will be a coaches meeting on 2/3/2016 for the lower levels.
B. A sub-committee was formed and is currently working on the upper level
C. On March 6 there is a Cal Ripken president’s meeting in Concord, NH.
D. 2016 Score books and rule books are in.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:09pm by Derek
NEXT MEETING IS March 7, 2016
@ Nashua Public Library (East Room)

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball February 2016 Meeting Notes.pdf