March 2016

UpdatedMonday December 5, 2016 byDerek Thibeault.

Meeting Minutes 3/7/2016 Board Meeting
Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball
Date: March 7, 2016
Time: 7:00-9:00
Place: Nashua Public Library- East Wing
Attendees: Derek Thibeault, Tom Addonizio, Jay Foss, Gary Smith, Ken Kozyra, Todd
Absent: Jason Novak, Scott Lobdell, Ashley McLuin, Robert Bourgeois
1. Call to Order: 7:00
2. Finance Update:
a. A good amount of sponsorships so far, Todd will be working on this on
b. Expenses: Baseball keepsakes, tractor refurbished, Charter/insurance
c. In the positive
d. Todd presented checks
3. City Update
a. Derek to look into manual scoreboards for Zapenas and Drescher and get
out info to the board
4. Registration
a. Ahead of last year
b. Discussion on having a game against Little League, looking to have a
game at the end of May, Derek to discuss with LL President
5. Purchasing
a. Equipment and uniforms from M&N are in
b. Follow up with Play ball(Ken)
c. Next step to figure out distribution of uniforms
d. Ken will look to purchase new liners
6. Media
a. Jay to fix our email lists
b. Facebook pushes got to over 3000 people in the Nashua area, 100 more
c. Jay will look at new updates for the website for coaches
7. Player Development
a. Gary is working on planning clinics
8. Presidents News
a. We will be hosting the 10U District tournament on 6/17-6/23
b. The State will be reviewing boundaries to make sure all the players are
within the boundaries or they will need to have an approved waiver
c. New Rules
i. Slash bunt
ii. $25 Tournament admin fee per team
iii. Host team allowed 2 teams, 1 considered host other participates
through the brackets
d. The state would like a basket passed around for Jimmy Fund collections
during tournament play, it’s optional only
e. The state also asks that we keep pitch counts during tournament play, just
for reference
f. Ken to send majors schedules to Paul W.
g. We have put in for one team for 9U, two teams for 10U, 11U, and one
team for 12U. Derek to ask for another 9U spot.

Cal Ripken Board Meeting 3.7.16.pdf