Meeting Minutes & Results from Annual Election

UpdatedMonday December 5, 2016 byBob Bourgeois.


Present: Derek Thibeault, Ken Kozyra, Bob Bourgeois, Tom Addonizio, Scott Lobdell, Todd Holbrook, Gary Smith

Absent: Jay Foss, Ashley McLuin Jason Novak

Call to Order 7:03pm by Derek

I.Finance Update
A. League finances still remains in good shape.
B. Have paid all bills, Fall ball umpires only expense pending.
C. Have utilized a good amount of funds for dug out renovations (Zapenas, Jackson, Dube) and All-star uniforms

II. Field and City Update
A. Dube field has been totally renovated, looks great.
B. Will be looking into renovating Murray field.
C. Will have to discuss looking into fixing Haines complex or not utilizing it.

III. Registration
A. Fall ball registration up 15% (one of the largest registrations ever!).
B. Spring registration was up 5%.
C. Will be discussing doing “Early Bird” registration for 2017.

IV. Fundraising
A. Banners are in good shape. Will be taken down at the end of Fall ball.
B. Will be starting sponsorship requests in the coming weeks for 2017 season.

V. Purchasing
A. Concessions did well. Made a good amount during Labor Day tournament.
B. Still waiting on kickback from Photography Company for picture day.
C. Picture Day was one of the best we ever had.

VI. Coach/player Development
A. Look into revamping league rules for 2017 season.
B. Looking into having clinics for 2017 season.

VII. Media and communications
A. Sports illustrated app still working on updates/improvements.
B. Will look into getting more parents to utilize it for next year.

VIII. President’s Update
A. Best year (all around) since the league merged.
B. Requests will need to request what tournaments we would like to host for 2017 season.
C. Will need to work on Major teams and rosters.
D. Will discuss having more events with Nashua Little League.
E. Elections held. Welcome the following new Board members:
Media and communications - Matt Demers
Purchasing - Paul Metivier
City Laison - Mark Frost

Next Meeting is November 7, 2016 @ Nashua Public Library
@ Nashua Public Library (East Room)

Meeting was adjourned at 8:27pm by Derek

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball October 2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf