November 2016

UpdatedMonday December 5, 2016 byBob Bourgeois.

Present:  Derek Thibeault, Ken Kozyra, Bob Bourgeois, Tom Addonizio,

 Scott Lobdell, Gary Smith

Absent: Jay Foss, Ashley McLuin, Jason Novak, Todd Holbrook

Call to Order 7:00pm by Derek

I.   Finance update

A.League finances still remains in good shape.

B.No outstanding debts.  Everything is paid off for the 2016 season.


  II.   Field and City Update

A.City is working on the (4) fields at Lincoln Park.

B.Renovation of Dube field is completed.


III.    Registration

A.Board will be looking into having the “Early Bird” registration for 2017 season.


      IV.    Fundraising

A.All banners are down for season.

B.Convenient MD Banners to stay up per sponsorship agreement.

C.Form has been submitted to Dick’s Sporting Goods to have a Nashua Cal Ripken Day during the 2017 season.


 V.   Purchasing

A.Uniforms are being returned from Fall ball season.

B.All equipment is being collected and inventoried.


VI.   Coach/player Development

A.Trying to contract Jim Bail Hitting Academy for 2017 season.

B.Committee was formed and will be reviewing league rules to update (if needed).  


VII. Media and communications

A.Will be working on the scoreboard headers for Zapenas and Drescher.

B.Will look into creating league banners for the fields.


VIII.   President’s Update

A.Board will be looking into the options available to create expansion team(s) for Majors.

B.Will also be looking at any issues with other divisions to prevent any further complications for the future.           


Next Meeting is December 5, 2016 @ Nashua Public Library

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball November 2016 Meeting Notes.pdf