December 2016

UpdatedFriday December 23, 2016 byBob Bourgeois.

Meeting Notes 12/05/2016


Present:  Derek Thibeault, Ken Kozyra, Bob Bourgeois, Tom Addonizio,

 Scott Lobdell, Gary Smith, Todd Holbrook

Absent: Jay Foss, Ashley McLuin, Jason Novak


Call to Order 7:00pm by Derek

I.   Finance update

A.Will be starting to work on budget for 2017.

B.Suggested that each area has an amount to utilize for there operation. 

  II.   Field and City Update

A.City was shown the renovation of Dube Field.

B.City is going to work with us on improvements to Murray Field.

C.City to repair or replace equipment sheds.

D.City to repair or add security lights at the field locations.

E.Lincoln Park has been completed with the field renovations.

III.    Registration

A.Early bird registration has begun.

B.Registration flyers to be sent out to the schools in a week or two.

      IV.    Fundraising

A.Will start contacting sponsorships for renewal of field banners.

B.Will continue to find new sponsorship.

 V.   Purchasing

A.Photography contract has ended.  Will be looking into renewing/replacing for 2017 picture day.

B.Will start looking into uniform orders.

C.Will start looking into equipment needed for 2017 season.

VI.   Coach/player Development

A.Had Jim Bail present his hitting clinic program to the board.

B.   Discussed rule changes and bi-law changes.        

VII. Media and communications

A. Will be reviewing notification process for improvements regarding awareness of the league and league information.

VIII.   President’s Update

A.Nashua was awarded 3 All-Star Tournaments (10U District, 11U States, 12U Area).

B.Will be looking into having a Tournament Director for the 3 All-Star Tournaments.

C.Will look into generating more revenue from the concessions. 

D.Will be looking into having a Concession leader to coordinate concessions.

E.Will look into some type of an “Opening Day” (or night) for start of the 2017 season. 


Next Meeting is January 9, 2017 @ Nashua Public Library

                          6:00pm-8:00pm              Hunt Room

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball December 2016 Meeting Notes.pdf