UpdatedSaturday January 21, 2017 byBob Bourgeois.

Present:  Derek Thibeault, Ken Kozyra, Bob Bourgeois, Tom Addonizio, Mark Frost, Matt Demers

Absent: Gary Smith, Scott Lobdell, Todd Holbrook, Paul Metivier


Call to Order 7:00pm by Derek

I. Finance update

A. Finances are good.  Will be looking at what was beneficial during 2016 season. 

  II. Field and City Update

A. No new updates at this time.

III. Registration

A. Early bird registration ends January 15.

B. Currently have 165 registrations. That is up 17% from 2016!

      IV. Fundraising

A. League received donation from Dick’s ($750 cash and $500 in          Dick’s cash).

B. Have several interested companies willing to donate.

C. Looking to only have one fundraiser for the year.

 V.   Purchasing

A. BSN Sports representative Paul Faison attended meeting. Looking at possible partnership with the league for 2017 purchases of uniforms and equipment.

B.Looking to have bids out around first week of February for uniforms and equipment.

VI. Coach/player Development

A. Jim Bail’s hitting clinic program to start January 22.

B. Discussed rule changes and bi-law changes. Will have it finalized by February’s meeting.      

VII. Media and communications

A. Website is going good.  Information and sponsors have been updated.

B. Nashua Telegraph has been running ads for the league in the Sunday’s newspaper.

VIII.   President’s Update

A.Discussion of Cal Ripken’s new rules for 2017 season (Pitch counts, Helmets/Catcher’s masks, etc.)

B.Discussion on umpires and availability for Major’s/AAA games. 


Next Meeting is February 6, 2017 @ Nashua Public Library