UpdatedSaturday April 8, 2017 byBob Bourgeois.

Present:  Derek Thibeault, Ken Kozyra, Bob Bourgeois, Mark Frost, Scott Lobdell

Absent:   Tom Addonizio, Todd Holbrook, Matt Demers, Gary Smith, Paul Metivier


Call to Order 7:00pm by Derek

II.   Finance

A. Finances are good. No new updates to report.  

II.   Field and City Update

A. Hoping for release of fields around the middle of April (weather permitting).

B. City will be addressing safety concerns on all fields before they start any improvement requests. 

III. Registration

A. Currently have 400 registrations. That is up 6% from 2016!

B. Registrations still coming in.

C. Will be working on tryout sheets for the drafts.

IV.  Fundraising

A. Have made a deal with ServPro for 3 year sponsorship.  

 V.   Purchasing

A. Waiting on uniform bids to be returned for review/purchase.

B. Still working on bids for equipment needs.

VI.   Coach/player Development

A. Jim Bail’s hitting clinic continues to be successful.  Two weeks remaining in the clinic.

VII. Media and communications

A. Things are still improving.  No new updates to report.

VIII.   President’s Update

A. NH Cal Ripken President’s meeting was held.

B. Pitch count will be in effect for tournament play.

C. Intentional walk rule will start for 2017 season.

D.  NH Cal Ripken is considering medals instead of trophies for tournament winners.

E.   Nashua has requested to field (2) 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s All-Star teams.

Next Meeting is April 3, 2017 @ Nashua Public Library