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Present: Pat Patterson, JD Fier, Jeff Kelly, Paul Hebert, Matt Demers, Amy Sweeney, Andrew Witkowski, Steve Drescher, Paul Metivier, Gary Smith

Call to order at 7:00pm by Pat Patterson

Recognition of Derek Thibeault for his work during the board transition.

Recognition of Adam Razzaboni for his volunteer efforts to re-roof some of the sheds at the fields.

7:05 Registration - Andrew

  • A discussion of a proposal to increase rates to cover increased costs per player and possible early renewal discounts was had with board and public input.
  • Proposal to keep prices at $40 lower levels and $50 AAA/Majors with 10% off until January 15th and $75 family cap passed.
  • Registration to start November 15 online. Andrew called school district about handing out flyers. Matt is coming up with list of printers for bid. Will also add form to flyer.

7:35 Clean up of old Accounts Receivable balances - Paul H

  • The league has $3,300 in unpaid registration bills going back to 2013. Some of these may have been covered under a ‘scholarship’. 2017 has $900 in unpaid registrations. Moving forward Registrar will work with treasurer to collect payments and put in better process in place to collect non credit card payments.

Motion passed to write off all pre 2017 non-payments.

There is currently $1,198 in scholarship money from the Joe Thyne fund. League will begin using in future seasons for players needing a scholarship.

7:45 Bylaw committee - Jeff

  • A small committee is needed to review all of the by-laws in advance of January, which is the only month where the by-laws can be changed. Jeff, Andrew, Gary, Pat, Paul will begin a review to be shared in December.

7:50 website updates - Matt

  • Unsolicited email proposals for a new webhost can be passed to Matt. A committee is needed to review the updated website before it can go live for the 2018 season. Matt, JD and Rob Flanders volunteered.
  • For 2018 the board will need to make sure written content for email/web/social posts can be shared across platforms.

8:05 Winter clinics

  • Gary- Jim Bail hitting clinic is on again at NSA.
  • JD- AB will donate time/staff to run Spring clinics for batting/throwing and also a coaching clinic for coaches on throwing management. Possible fundraisers like a cornhole tournament at AB could also be handled.
  • Pat-Play Ball may be interested in running a clinic - meeting set up to discuss.
  • The league will work with all of these organizations to make best use of their services.

8:20 Field updates - Steve

  • Steve and Kevin met with Scott and Nick from the City.
  • A spreadsheet has been created with field tracking on all needed repairs, equipment, etc.
  • Scotts grant is available, we are applying currently.
  • Home Depot proposal for grant to do field updates in some fashion also in progress.
  • Cal Ripken updates including possible rules changes for 2018.

8:30 Fundraising - Amy

  • Sweatshirt update - working with M&N on getting last few sweatshirts and handouts.
  • Meeting with Dicks Sporting Goods on 11/21.
  • Dine out nights - Working to secure Spring and Fall dates.
  • Discussion on calendar sales for 2018.
  • Dave Garcia still spearheading casino night proposal.
  • Paul H requested that at the next meeting we have a new idea on a 2018 fundraising opportunity.
8:50 Call for Public Input

9:00 Adjourn

Next meeting is December 4, 2017
at the Nashua Public Library 7:00pm-9:00pm

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