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Present: Pat Patterson, JD Fier, Jeff Kelly, Paul Hebert, Matt Demers, Amy Sweeney, Andrew Witkowski, Steve Drescher, Paul Metivier, Gary Smith

Call to order at 7:00pm by Pat Patterson

League Update from Pat

  • Vision for 2018 with three driving factors: Kids. Volunteerism. Baseball.
  • Sustainability as an argument for everything we do for the league. Our Volunteers, Economics and Systems drive towards the sustainability of the league.
7:10 Registration - Andrew
  • Opened on 11/15 with 10% off through January 15. 31 currently registered with 16 first timers.
  • All flyers distributed across schools.
  • Will contact Boys and Girls Club about distributing flyers

7:15 Website updates - Matt

  • Registration info is in The Telegraph and online.
  • Promoting USA Bats on Facebook and web. USA Bats must be used in Minors through Majors. The board will visit each team this Spring for a documented equipment check.   
  • Features on the website continue to be updated.
  • 2 code of conducts have been posted.
  • Website content audit continues

7:35 Financial Update - Paul H.

  • Financial position is strong
  • Poised for successful 2018

7:40 Hitting Clinic - Gary

  • Start Jan 21- Mar 18 with Jim Bail at NSA.

7:45 Bylaws committee updates - Jeff

  • Have reviewed bylaws over past month.
  • Will provide a side by side listing of proposed bylaw changes before the January meeting for vote.
  • Asking all board member to review their responsibilities and add edits in next few weeks.
  • Everything on bylaws should have to do with league governance.

8:05 Fundraising - Amy

  • Sweatshirt update
  • Five Below fundraiser Dec 10-23, show flyer and 10% goes to Nashua Cal Ripken
  • Texas Roadhouse fundraiser January 4
  • Margaritas fundraiser January 18
  • Banner ad sales to be coordinated by Matt Hannon
  • Calendar sales preliminary discussion
  • Holman Stadium event in July/August

8:25 Field updates - Steve

  • A full inventory of field needs has been compiled

8:30 Regional Tournament - Steve/Gary

  • There is an opportunity to apply for hosting of 12U 2018 Regionals
  • Went through pros and cons for the league
  • Vote passed to ask Regional committee to do site visit and provide Field approval before league vote.

9:00 Adjourn

Next meeting is January 8, 2017

at the Nashua Public Library 7:00pm-9:00pm

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