UpdatedWednesday October 4, 2017 byNashua Cal Ripken.

Present: Derek Thibeault, Bob Bourgeois, Gary Smith, Matt Demers, Paul Metivier,
Scott Lobdell
Absent: Ken Kozyra
Call to Order 7:03pm by Derek
I. Derek gave a closing statement in regards to serving as the Nashua Cal
Ripken President. He also went over the voting process for the elections.
II. Candidates were given the opportunity to speak on their behalf and have the
Public ask questions.
III. Election results
President- Pat Patterson
Vice President- JD Fier
Secretary- Jeff Kelly
Treasurer- Paul Hebert
Registrar- Andrew Witkowski
Player/Coach Development- Gary Smith
Media and Communications- Matt Demers
Field/City Liason- Steve Drescher,
Purchasing Director- Paul Metivier,
Fundraising Director- Amy Sweeney
Congratulations and Good Luck to the 2018 Board!
Next Meeting November 6, 2017
Nashua Public Library