Why do we need Fundraising?

UpdatedMonday December 11, 2017 byNashua Cal Ripken.

When you run a league with as many players and volunteers as ours, there are a lot of expenses to consider. Some are constant, year after year - but most aren’t. Here are a few:

  • Chartering. We charter with Babe Ruth Baseball, because they offer:
    • Simple registration
    • Access to insurance
    • Nationally-televised 12U World Series Tournament (broadcast regionally - this year by NESN)
    • Rules/Rulebook (reviewed annually)
    • The Babe Ruth Network - access to website and registration tools
    • Our boundaries are protected  - no other program can step into our defined area to start another competing Babe Ruth program.
  • Insurance. Our insurance policy covers the league’s liability in the event of an accident.
  • Field maintenance. Did you know that we are responsible for maintaining every infield (clay, not grass) at every Nashua Cal Ripken affiliated baseball field?  Existing equipment needs to be maintained, and new machinery purchased to adequately maintain our infields, sheds, concession stands, backstops, and other assets.
  • Uniforms and Equipment. Every year, we purchase new baseballs, catching equipment, batting helmets, etc.

These are the largest areas that require our attention. There are others, such as trophies, celebrations, and advertising that factor into our total cost structure as well. This year, we are anticipating new capital improvements to our fields, too.

Cost Per-Player
Nashua Cal Ripken conducted a 3-year financial study to determine the actual cost per player in the league.  The results are very revealing. On average, our cost per player is more than double what our registration fees cover.  This is by design - for as long as the league has been in existence, we have focused on keeping our registration costs low to allow more children to participate.  We are a nonprofit youth sports organization - every kid should be able to play with their friends.

Fundraising keeps our program running smoothly.
2017-2018 Fundraising Opportunities
Dine Out Nights