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Present: Pat Patterson, JD Fier, Jeff Kelly, Andrew Witkowski, Steve Drescher, Gary Smith


Call to order at 7:00pm by Pat Patterson


7:00 - Registration update - Andrew

Currently at 120 registrations, discount runs through 1/15. We have seen additional registrations since the email on Friday night. About 10% behind last year’s pace


7:05 - Finance update - Paul H(Read by Jeff Kelly)

League is in good shape and poised for a successful 2018.


7:10 - Media update  - Matt(Read by Jeff Kelly)

Continues promotion of early registration. New fundraising pages have been updated


7:15 - 12U Regional discussion - Gary and Steve

Gary made opening statement on the benefits the league would see from hosting this tournament. Steve covered expected expenses.


Public comments - excitement alone of younger kids is beyond measure. Volunteerism, this crew(U12 parents) has volunteered for everything.


Out of pocket expenses will include PA systems for both fields, 2 tarps.


A vote will take place within 24 hours.  


8:00 - Coaches Summit - Pat

January 7:30 - 9 walk through each division and review best practices, gather new ideas. Meet at a date later to discuss action items from the meeting.


8:05 - Chartering and insurance - Pat

We have begun the 2018 chartering. Insurance is also being shopped for the entire league and Board.


8:10 Fundraising - Pat

Five Below fundraiser completed. Dinner night out was called off due to snowstorm.


8:25 Player assessment - Gary

March 17 at NSA. Registration is open for Jim Bail hitting clinic. Silver Knights clinic June 3.


8:30 League Bylaws review - Jeff

New Bylaws will be put up for vote this month.


8:40 Partners update - JD

Wasserman strength proposal for discounted training sessions. Proposal for monthly parents and coaches clinics. Both in facility and at the fields on weekends.  


9:00 Adjourn


Next meeting is February 5, 2017

at the Nashua Public Library 7:00pm-9:00pm


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