Scores, Pitch Counts and Recaps

How to submit

UpdatedFriday July 17, 2020 byNashua Cal Ripken.

Q: Who is responsible for submitting Scores, Pitch Counts and Recaps?
A: It is the responsibility of the winning team to submit Scores, Pitch Counts, and Game Recaps. If you do not have the time, please delegate this task to your book keepers, assistants, or a parent. You could even ask the losing team to help if you are unable.
How to submit
1. Scores:
Scores may be entered through your SIPlay team page or the SIPlay app. Posting scores allows them to be visible on our website and app. It also populates the standings on our website for Majors.
Deadline: Each night after game is complete
2. Pitch counts:
Pitch counts must be confirmed after each half inning and totaled following each game. You must submit first name, last name, and total pitches thrown for all player who made an appearance on the game.Please be sure to use first and last names for all players. It's so easy, you could have this done on your smart phone before you leave the field.
Please use these forms:
AAA Pitch Count Form
Deadline: Each night after game is complete
These forms will populate a spreadsheet that all coaches may view. We hope that you'll find this useful in tracking your own players and preparing for your games.
Pitch count results spreadheets:
Majors Pitch Count & Home Runs Spreadsheet
3. Game Recaps for publication:
Recaps should be submitted in written form and include first and last names of all players, or they'll be rejected by The Telegraph. Please do your best to work in all kids on your roster into the recaps throughout the season. Not all players are at the same skill level. So, if you have a moment worth recognizing, we want to hear about it! 
Please use this form:
Majors/AAA Game Recaps
Deadline: Sunday by 5:00pm
Photos submissions:
If you have photos that you'd like to submit, please email them to

Please include a caption describing your submission, player name(s), division, team name, location, and date.

Note: All photos submitted will be considered for inclusion on an ongoing basis, but not all photos will be published. By submitting your photo, you grant permission to Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball to include your photo on FB, Instagram, our website, newspaper submissions or future Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball materials!