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Present: Pat Patterson, Jeff Kelly, Andrew Witkowski, Steve Drescher, Gary Smith, Paul Metivier,  Paul Hebert, Matt Demers

Call to order at 7:00pm by Pat Patterson

7:05 Mike from M&N Sports addressed the board on his business and longtime involvement with the league.


7:20 Pat delivered news of a donation from Topps cards.


7:25 Matt had a media update – the donation store is now open online. Flyers are ready to be distributed to the schools again. Spoke about recaps being collected for spring season.


7:30 Paul H. gave a financial update. The financials remain strong as we get close to the spring season.


7:35 Andrew gave a registration update. We are closing the gap on prior year registrations. Majors draft will be held about a week after assessments make-up.


7:45 Sponsorships update via Angela.


7:50 Pat update, Presidents meeting was this past weekend. Changes to tournament play rules were discussed.


8:00 Gary had assessments update. March 17, 3-6pm at NSA.


8:25 Purchasing update from Paul M.


8:30 Fields and Tournament update from Steve.  Club National fundraiser on 3/24.


8:40 Clinics update from Pat and Gary. Scott Wessel has reached out to local development facilities.


Next meeting is April 2, 2018

at the Nashua Public Library 7:00pm-9:00pm