UpdatedTuesday September 11, 2018 byNashua Cal Ripken.



7:00 Call to Order

  • Pat announced that he will not be running for president due to personal issues, he would find a way to be involved but not in that capacity.


7:00-7:05 Financial Update – Paul

  • Revenue up 28%
  • Cash on hand up 38%
  • Sponsors up 102%
  • Calendar Sales up
  • 12U regional made $2000 after expenses
  • Paul Feels comfortable using $5000 at the end of fall for field/equipment help. Steve to prioritize.


7:05-7:25 Fall Ball

  • Registration Update – Andrew
  1. On track for last year’s numbers -  still need coaches
  2. Lessons learned – Too many kids on a team at the lower levels, need to close registration earlier for AAA/Majors
  • Hit and Run proposal – Andrew
  1. Derek to put it to a vote by next Wednesday to adopt this at all levels.
  • General Fall Ball discussion – All
  1. Pat to get with Hollis on schedule
  2. Derek to email Gary to pick coaches


7:25-7:30 Fields Update – Steve

  • Steve to talk to city about any Fall plans
  • Looking for ideas for field improvements
  • Got approval to fix bathrooms at Dube
  • Need bases at Drescher – will look into stanchions


7:30-7:35 Fundraising & Sponsorships

  • Amy to hand out sweatshirts
  • Do we want to do meat bingo again in April?


7:35-7:40 Media Update

  • None


7:40-7:45 Purchasing Update

  • Pat to check with Paul on uniforms and hats for fall – we will have to order something
  • Question on if we want to change hats from MLB to a league brand


7:45-7:50 Player Development

  • None


7:50-8:45 Updates – Pat

  • Pat gave an update on scoreboards, couple options were discussed.


8:30-9:00 Public Forum

  • Mike Holbrook asker about the coach’s son rule at Majors – the board agreed that we need to look at that rule.
  • Mike also asked about the drafting of assistant coaches as opposed to getting one prior to the draft.