UpdatedMonday October 1, 2018 byNashua Cal Ripken.


Attendees: JD Fier, Pat Patterson, Matt Demers, Andrew Witkowski, Stephen Drescher, Paul Hebert, Derek Thibeault

7:00 Call to Order

7:00-7:15 Fall Ball

  • 10% increase in registration for Fall Ball
  • Andrew met with lower level coaches to go over Hit and Run Baseball
  • Working through the kinks for Hit and Run Baseball
  • Feedback – mostly positive for Hit and Run Baseball

7:15-7:25 End of Season Prep

  • Shed Inventory will need to be done
  • Better first aid kits
  • Cut off dates need to change to give more time to create teams and schedules
  • Lscreens in Lincoln park garage
  • Need to get quotes for two 60ft tarps
  • Wind screens for 4 fields
  • We cannot do perm bases at Drescher per city
  • Bullpen fencing at Dube not fixed

7:25-7:30 Elections

  • To be held in November for a November transition despite the intention to have a month transition per Bylaws
  • Only one member hinted that they may run again for a position, Pat asked each board member to find their replacement.

7:30-7:45 Media

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Instagram didn’t work
  • Facebook did well especially for the 12U tournament
  • Gary took over the 12U page on SI play
  • Matt to update forms for pitch count and summary

7:45-8:00 Finance Update

  • Cash up 41% from last year
  • Expenses still coming – Fall umps, Uniforms
  • Some Fall registration money still coming in
8:00-8:20 Media Update - Matt

8:20-9:30 Public Forum
  • All-Star discussion