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11/12/18 Cal Ripken Board Meeting Minutes


Board Members Present

Mark Byrne-President                                                 Andrew Witkowski-Vice President      

Matt Hannon-Secretary                                         Paul Hebert-Treasurer

Mike Duvarney-Registrar                                   Kate Berger-Purchasing Director

Matt Demers-Media & Communications Director     Steve Drescher-Field and City Liason

Scott Clough-Player & Coach Development Director.


Board Communications

- Use Slack to communicate amongst Board members, not email. Utilize same channels for Slack to keep consistent, label '2019' pre name cadence.


- Create Board contact list


2019 By Laws

- 12/3/18 deadline for ByLaw change proposals. Matt H. to create Google Doc for members to propose changes, Slack use encouraged as well. Changes discussed:

1. Andrew: Triple A draft.

2. Paul: Nominating committee of members not up for election to create nominations for those up for election. Some sort of nominating committee needed/wanted?

3. Matt D.: Add additional board members. Should we have board positions for level coordinators (tball, majors, etc). Equipment board position? Purchasing board position. Concessions board position. Umpire and umpire training position (dress professionally-provide shirt purchase option).



- Inventory and place tarps at select fields for winter (Murray, Dube, others)

- Investigate solution to lock roll up window at Dube concessions stand

- Mark to take old sweatshirts from Dube and donate



- Utilize last year’s list of donors in Google Drive. Amy to determine who calls who, etc. Add column to document who will call.

- Be sure everyone utilizes the Google doc to keep track of calls not duplicate efforts

- Amy utilize 2018 file to create file for 2019. Ensure capture contact for business that gave donation, amount, item, etc.


Upcoming Monthly Tasks/Board Meeting Topics



- Registration: Maintain same registration fees as 2018. Open registration ASAP. 10% discount if register by 1/1/31.

Registration deadlines: 3/15/19 AAA and Majors. 3/31/19 for all other levels.  Make sure registration forces registrants to read and accept the code of conduct. Add survey to try and get info on what parents/players would want for additional Summer baseball playing opportunities as part of registration.

-Flyer creation and disbursement: Matt D. and Mike to handle. Need to update it with logo. Ideas to distribute to pediatric docs/dentists/sports businesses in the area, as well as schools.

- Equipment inventory by 12/15/31. Sheds still need to be emptied and put in Dube. Inventory by level and report out needs. Mark, Andrew and Steve will coordinate. Andrew to define what a complete bag for tball, rookies, minors & AAA-post to Slack. Need two bags/field at lower levels.

- Schedule 2019 Meetings: Matt H. to book Dec. Jan., May, July, Nov. at the Library from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (public session from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., then executive session). Feb, March, April, June, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec meetings at the Lake St. Fire house.



- By Laws discussion

- Uniform purchases: Mark and Kate will meet with Dick's (Dick's 'owes' the league due to mistakes made last year). $800 in Dick's gift cards available for league purchases-expire in Feb.



- Chartering: beginning of January; five for every team.  

- Insurance



- Additional opportunities for more baseball in Summer discussion



- Field priorities due.

- Clinics: Wasserman, Play Ball, NSA?


11_12_18 Cal Ripken Board Meeting Minutes.pdf