UpdatedThursday January 3, 2019 byMatthew Hannon.

12/3/18 Cal Ripken Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present

Mark Byrne-President                                                 Andrew Witkowski-Vice President   

Matt Hannon-Secretary                                              Steve Drescher-Field and City Liaison        

Matt Demers-Media & Communications Director                      

Financial Review:

Mark reviewed on Paul's behalf. Revenue increase in 2018 will require different audit this year. League continues to be in good cash position and had positive growth in 2018, positioned well for 2019 season. 

Registration Update:

Registration is now open now. 23 players registered so far vs. 30 registered at this time last year. 10% early registration discount runs through December. Matt D. Will get flyers for schools printed ASAP. Mike to email to schools, as well as send email to league distribution list asking for parent volunteers to take paper flyers to Nashua schools.

League survey went out to gauge interest in volunteering and additional baseball in Summer. Only a few responses. Mark will email out again and Matt D. will post on Facebook page. 

Equipment update:

Equipment inventory conducted at Dube. Plenty of brand new hats available for Spring season. Will use inventory to identify needs for equipment orders for Spring. Paper products at concessions need to come out, or be put in sealed containers. Andrew has results of inventory and will create spreadsheet and post to Google Drive. 

Andrew created 'bag' definition by level and will post to the drive. Will allow us to assess equipment needs and place order for upcoming season. Andrew has list of needs by shed as well and will post on drive.

Mark, Kate and rep from Dick's will meet on 12/14/18 to discuss equipment needs, after action review from last year and needs for 2019 season. Dick's stated they'd provide field screens at no charge; Mark to follow up on this at meeting.

Need to verify Majors uniforms needs, still missing Majors uniforms from a few teams. Probably allow for 6-8 weeks for uniform orders. 

Equipment inventory still needed at Murray. 

AAA may need 2 dozen balls/team for next year.

Dube 'garage door' still needs a locking solution 

Public session:

Inquiry on status of hosting tournaments this year. Nashua wasn't selected for any tourneys in 2019. However, no decision on District tournaments-March time frame for this.   

Idea presented to organize our own local 'invitational' tourney with other surrounding local leagues. Would need to decide on what level we do it for. Lots of conflicting tournaments in summer; might be better opportunity for Fall? Should we offer our fields for Swanzey tourney; we need to discuss this more and reach out to them to gauge interest?

Would like to explore a Little League vs. Cal Ripken game this year. 


Need to put tarps down various fields still; (Murray, Dube, Dresher, Libby and Dominico). Steve will take the lead on this.

Keys: discussion as if need to update locks for Dube and Murray? AAA and Majors coaches need keys for bathrooms. Decision made to leave locks as if for now. Andrew to collect master key from JD. 

Mowers need winterizing (Dube, Murray, Lincoln Park, Jackson): Should we pay company to do this? Cost around $700 to do it last year. Matt H. will winterize them along with parent volunteer and submit receipts to get reimbursed. 

By Laws Change Discussions:

Discussion on should there be nominating committee vs. prior election style. This needs to be discussed more.

Discussion on enacting another voting method (electronic and announce winners next day) to be more sensitive to candidates.

Discussion on adding additional Board Members. Consensus is that Purchasing position has lots of responsibility/work load. Would like to change duties of Purchasing position to remove either concessions or equipment duties. Create another board position that would handle concessions or equipment. Mark will talk to Paul on what can/should be done to make this change. 

Division coordinators will be assigned to Vice President.

Meetings: Do we provide public session from 7-7:30 then go to executive session in order to increase meeting productivity? Could we offer quarterly public forums? Matt H. and Mark to review with Paul and see what options are.  


Need to get started on this. Convenient MD is large sponsor. Need to identify contact for them to see if they will continue partnership.

Utilize 2018 fundraising list in drive to 'delegate' lead from last year to try and secure same or larger commitment for 2019. Utilize Google Doc to track this. Matt D. posted file in the drive.

December 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf