February 2019 Meeting Minutes

UpdatedSunday February 24, 2019 byMatthew Hannon.

2/4/19 Cal Ripken Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present

Mark Byrne-President                                                           Andrew Witkowski-Vice President   

Steve Drescher-Field and City Liaison                                 Kate Berger-Purchasing Director

Matt Demers-Media & Communications Director                       

Scott Clough-Player & Coach Development Director                  

Registration Update:

Registration is at 263 players, as of 3 February.  This is an increase year over year from 2018 of ~10%

Equipment update:

Uniforms – Dick’s is no longer selling cotton uniforms.  Prices have also increased this year.  Looking at alternatives.


Mark meeting with Scott Caggiano from Parks and Rec to meet and discuss fields for the season.


Kate provided update on scoreboard.  Design is agreed upon.  Working with city to provide adequate lighting for signage.  Kate to close with vendor and Paul Bedinger to finalize.

Team to focus on fundraising for banners and calendar items (gift cards, etc..)

Mark meeting with Convenient MD to renew advertising agreement.

Player & Coach Development

Babe Ruth National now requires coaches to take Abuse Awareness Training certification course.  Cost is $25.50 per coach.  Coaches will not be rostered until this is complete.

Working to schedule the following clinics:

  • Working to schedule pre-assessment workout for AAA and Majors players.
  • Board agreed on developing a skills/drills development session with lower level players.
  • Board would like to schedule time to work with coaches on developing practice plans, providing better understanding of what equipment they will have to work with, field maintenance, etc… To be scheduled.

Assessments for AAA and Majors will be conducted at NSA on 16 March (300-600), makeup date on 19 March.

Coach selection process discussed – Scott to run interview process if needed.  Deadline to register for head coach is 22 February for AAA and Majors.

Steve working on umpire clinic for younger / new umpires.

Rules Changes

Andrew presented rules options for league. Board to discuss further and vote on proposed changes.


Concessions Director is open.  Soliciting if anyone is interested.



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