April Board Meeting Notes

UpdatedFriday April 26, 2019 byMatthew Hannon.

4/1/19 Cal Ripken Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present

Mark Byrne-President                                                         Andrew Witkowski-Vice President   

Matt Hannon-Secretary                                                      Paul Hebert-Treasurer

Matt Demers-Media & Communications Director              Steve Drescher-Field and City Liaison        

Scott Clough-Player & Coach Development Director        Kate Berger-Purchasing Director

Financial Review:

Paul provided financial update. Cash on hand is about $3k below 2018, but this is due to orders for equipment, etc being ordered earlier this year vs. last year. League continues to have healthy cash on hand and expected sponsorships should further cash position. This is focus for board moving forward-securing league sponsorships.

Registration Update:

Andrew provided registration update; 480 registrants as of 3/31/19 vs. 474 last year on 3/31/18.

Looking to increase last year’s registrations, which totaled 523.

Purchasing Update:

Following items have been ordered:

  • AAA/Majors Baseballs were ordered and arrived; being store at Dube
  • Cal Ripken books were ordered and arrived; will be disturbed at uniform distribution
  • Tournament and tball balls are on order
  • Coaches shirts have been ordered
  • Uniforms are on order but have concern of vendor being able fulfill order on time. Initial 3/31/19 deadline has been missed. 4/12/19 is the hard deadline. Kate to continue following up to try and have fulfilled.

Paul would like to see budget of approx $5K to make the following purchases:

  • 4 ‘L’ screens
  • 3 sets of hard bases for minors/tball levels
  • 4 chalk liners
  • 2 left hand catcher’s gloves


Field cleanup date set for 4/13/19. Will do same as last year; assign specific fields and email announcing this will be sent out. Steve will handle setting this up.

Thinking of hosting a League Opening Night (possibly on 5/3/19) at Murray field. Possibly do a 'parade' for all league teams ending at Murray field, line up teams in outfield for picture and encourage all to attend the evening’s kick off game.

Concessions renewal; Paul has checklist and will provide to Kate. 4/14/19 Concessions clean and ready for inspection.

Hoping for a 4/22/19 field release from the city

Mounds need redone at Upper Shady, Haines 1 and Libby.


Raffle calendar has been completed and being printed; should be ready for distribution at same time as uniforms. Would like to set 5/24/19 deadline to turn in Raffle Calendars

With Amy’s resignation, this position remains open and the league would like to fill it as soon as possible. 

Focus for this role and all board members right now is to secure get more sponsorships (banners). Need to follow up on the following two banner commitments:

  • Shaw's
  • Play Ball

All Stars:

Mark provided an update on this year’s All Stars season based on his attendance at the National Meeting in Concord:

  • All Stars Logo should be on the left sleeve or hat
  • $25 to $40 registration fee now for tournaments
  • No more player cards, birth certificates will need to be used for new players without them
  • June 1st is tournament all star roster deadline
  • 50% participation rule in regular season to play in AllStars is no longer mandatory, but it's up to local leagues to determine how they want it. Board would like to continue with this rule unless there is an extenuating circumstance, such as an injury that kept player from being able to play 50% of season


Still looking to fill recently created Concessions Director position.

Player & Coach Development

AAA and Majors clinics have taken place and went well.

Tball, Minors and Rookies lineups/teams should be completed in next couple weeks. Expecting more registrations as last year nearly 50 for these levels came in during April

AAA late registrations; would be ‘picks’ provided to coaches in the order that they left off in the draft

Would like to do pitchers and catchers clinics once/month throughout the season

Upcoming key dates:

  • 4/14/19: AAA/Majors workout (uniforms, calendars, stickers, baseballs, Cal Ripken books, pitch counters and score books for upper levels)
  • 4/20/19: Tball/Minors/Rookies workout (uniforms, calendars, stickers, baseballs, Cal Ripken books)

Board approved Matt D. to order Nashua Cal Ripken stickers and have ready for distribution along with everything else during workout dates. Should further brand the league.

Quebec baseball exhibition game still needs to be decided on. These players are 12-13 years old. Consensus is that we do not participate as age group is not appropriate to our league. Matt D. to pass along info to Babe Ruth league for their consideration.


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