2022 Calendars

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Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball
Raffle Calendars

Our annual raffle calendar fundraiser is the only required fundraiser that we have at Nashua Cal Ripken. Participation in the annual raffle calendar fundraiser is a very important part of being a member of the Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball community.  Your registration fees only cover a small portion of our annual costs. This is by design - for as long as the league has been in existence, we have focused on keeping our registration costs low to allow more children to participate. We are a nonprofit youth sports organization - every kid should be able to play with their friends

How does it work? 
Every player is asked to sell raffle calendars. Each one sold becomes an entry in the raffle.  Each raffle calendar is $5 dollars and we are asking each player to sell a minimum of 10 calendars this year.  Anyone that sells 25 or more calendars will receive a raffle prize. The raffle calendar is set up for each day in the month of June. 30 days with 30 prizes! The league has worked very hard at gathering some pretty great prizes this year to raffle off! Each day in June, a name is picked at random and whoever is chosen wins the prize shown for that day. What’s even better is whenever a name is chosen every name goes back into the pool so there are chances of winning on multiple days!

When does it start?  
The raffle calendars were distributed to coaches early this year, hopefully reaching every player by the first practice of the season. This will enable for more time to prepare and sell your raffle calendars before the season gets underway.  

What is expected?
We are expecting every player to sell a minimum of 10 raffle calendars this year and to hand in all calendars and money on time.

When will we collect the calendars?
We will email all coaches and parents a date in which to turn in their calendars. Typically the last week in May is the deadline.

How do I earn a Nashua Cal Ripken Sweatshirt!
This year, any player that sells 25 calendars or more will receive a Nashua Cal Ripken hooded sweatshirt featuring our new logo within a timely organized manner delivered directly to your home.

For any player that achieves this prize, we will provide a link to a form for ordering sweatshirts after collecting everyone's entries.

Please note:

  • Each participant will be given 10 calendars to start; please print more by downloading the following PDF.
  • When you sell a calendar, please record the buyer's name, address, telephone number, and email in the space provided.  
  • Winners will be announced on our website and Facebook page. Winners will be contacted by the information provided.
  • Buyers keep the calendar portion of the calendar. Only the stubs are to be turned in with money to each team's Head Coach via the envelope provided.
  • All checks should be made payable to Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact: swessel@nashuacalripken.org

2022 Raffle Calendars.pdf